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You can Healing Migraines With Food

Cut processed sugar from your diet.

Too much sugar causes inflammation in your body and causes blood sugar to spike and dip. Long-lasting inflammation can cause migraines. Choose whole foods like nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, whole grains and beans over highly processed foods like cookies, granola bars, chips and candy.

Add healthy fats to your diet.

Olives, olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado and fatty fish combat inflammation and provide your brain with the fat it needs to fight fatigue, sharpen memory, balance mood swings and reduce migraines.

Reduce stress.

Stress increases inflammation in the body. If stress is not dealt with, over time it can become chronic. Chronic stress keeps the body in a constant state of havoc. Chronic stress causes cortisol levels to remain high which keep blood sugar levels high, narrows arteries, and reduces digestion. All of these factors can contribute to migraines. Therefore, it is so important to focus on ways to reduce stress daily. Exercise, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and listening to music are good ways to help you wind down and keep chronic stress away.